When I find myself in times of trouble

Boaz Priestly comes to me

Speaking words of wisdom 

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For Izzy

"omfg can you make a gif of jensen and his fluttery eyes in ten inch hero like ‘thanks tadley’ *eye flutter* … please and ily"

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priestly and tish

↘ 1-4 out of 100

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Dean and Sam have very different opinions about this stage in Dean’s life. 

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5/∞ Characters→ Boaz Priestly

"I’m just sayin’, if I was an artist I would definitely be pissin’ on someone."

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Jensen Ackles Meme -  Favorite Character Portrayal (1/2)

➥ Boaz Priestly - Ten Inch Hero

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Get to know me meme -  [1/5] male characters: priestly (ten inch hero)

“It’s Renaissance Man. I’m at the store, there’s too many enemy tampons. I’m bailing”

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Danneel behind the scenes of Ten Inch Hero

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Boaz Priestly and the Amazing Technicolor Outfits + that one from Banana Republic

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Because it’s pathetic, Tish, Ok? It’s pathetic that you can’t rise above all the superficial horseshit that’s whirling around you. I mean, why is it, why is it that some people can’t see a good thing when it’s standing right in front of them, huh? What is it that screws all that up? Can you tell me? I swear, you’re like 2 years old… more interest in the wrapping paper than in what’s inside.

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